Growing up Cinderella was my favorite princess. She looked stunning in that baby blue dress (which happened to be my favorite color) and I love a good ‘rags to riches’ story. I like that she was kind, even in the face of her horrible family, and she knew how to get work done and didn’t complain about it.

Fairy tales get a bad rap for giving off the allusion that women are helpless and need a man to save them. I understand this rhetoric but let me give you my take on my favorite fairy tale.

Cinderella wasn’t some helpless girl that happened to have lost her shoe and met a prince who saved her from her horrible life. She took a risk and manifested that sh*t.

Here are the facts as I see them.

She wanted to go to the ball. What girl doesn’t want to go to a good party and a good excuse to wear a fancy dress? Maybe she knew networking at this party is how she’d get out. 😉 She worked extra hard to do everything needed for her to be able to go. Sure, her step mom and step sisters were “evil” but I’d just call them mean jealous bitches. They probably had some serious self-esteem issues and that’s why they beat up on Cinderella. As mean girls do, they promised her she’d get to go to the party then ruined her dress so she couldn’t go. Even though our girl Cindy held up her end of the bargain.

Yes, she was upset at this setback, but she had her Fairy God Mother to set her straight. FGM is Cindy’s mentor of sorts or maybe her mom’s BFF that was asked to look after her. And she tells her to get up and go to that party! You deserve it! Here’s a beautiful dress and a pumpkin carriage to help. FGM knew Cindy had worked really hard and deserved some fun and she helped a girl out. I have had friends help me in a time of need. And that’s just the boost Cindy needed to go wash her face and get to that ball.

Sure, Cindy could have listened to the mean girls, not believed in herself and quit. However, with a little help from her friend Notorious FGM, she got her confidence back that she needed. She went and took a risk no matter the consequences because she believed in herself. She didn’t let someone else define her destiny.

Here ol’ Cindy is at the social gathering of the season, looking radiant and confident as hell just doing her own thing. Of course, the Prince saw her and was struck by her. Confidence is sexy! And the Disney movie doesn’t show it, but I know they had some good conversation and she showed him how smart and amazing she was. And he’s charming and well educated (that rich white guy life), so of course she was into him. But she played it cool. Excusing herself before midnight, showing him that she respected herself and left him wanting more. Plus, she had a pumpkin carriage to get home and those late fees aren’t worth it.

She then went back home to get back to be the help because that’s all she knew. But before she got home, I bet you she was smart and left that shoe on purpose.

When he came knocking on her door, she was ready. He’s obviously a good guy if he likely didn’t listen to the advice of his parents dating a “commoner”. He didn’t care. He knew she was special, and she loved him for that.

Then once she’s a princess, I bet she changed the kingdom with her smarts and kindness, helping those that were just like her. Maybe she opened a clinic for battered women and got therapy for her stepmom and sisters to figure out what issues they had which had led them to be so mean to her.

Ol’ Cindy knew the world needed more good in it and was lucky (but remember… luck is when preparation meets opportunity) to have the chance to do the good work.

She worked hard and made her dreams a reality. I bet if she hadn’t met the price, she would have still gone for it, just in a different way perhaps. At least that’s my take on the whole thing. What do you think about it?


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