Meet Alice Ann

Founder of OCS

Hi friend! So glad you are here.

I’m a marketing strategist by day and a OCS boss babe and wanna be blogger by night.

OCS is about women helping each other as a community with real meaningful connections and not having to pay for friends. We believe that with confidence, smart work, and calculated risks, anything is possible.

The Origins of OCS

The idea for Oak City Society was born when I moved to the Triangle Area knowing only family and a few friends in the small town where I grew up an hour away. While Raleigh had been close by growing up, it was a new city for me. Having been new to a city before when moved across the country after college, I went into networking mode to make new friends AND find a job.

I joined a women’s networking and volunteer organization, a flag football league, and a marketing association to try and meet people and network. While this tactic worked, all groups costed money which seemed as a barrier to entry.

After a year or two of building my network, I realized I knew a lot of different amazing women from different avenues of my life.  I wanted a place for other women to be able to gather and help each other without the financial burden.

And that’s how OCS was born. We started with just friends and family and have grown into an amazing network of Boss Babes!

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Please join us either IRL (In Real Life) in Raleigh/Durham, virtually on social media, and get good tips for your career and life from the blog. And if you are business looking for marketing help, I got you covered there too!

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Alice Ann Elam

Founder of Oak City Society

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